Report to the 2022 Annual Meeting 1/29/23

In 2022 we continued to use Zoom and Facebook Live to share our services remotely.  We average two people attending zoom, three on Facebook live, and others watch the recorded service on Facebook.  The video capability is also a useful addition for special events.  We could not keep this up without the dedicated efforts of our Zoom team: Kurt Kuegler, Bob Dickson, and John Deary.

We continue to use CHMeetings the online parishioner database.  The ministry schedules and church calendar are maintained there.  CHMeetings has a cell phone app which can be used to see the calendar, and contact other parishioners.  We encourage all who are on committees to use it.  Please contact Charlie if you need assistance getting set up.

Projects for 2023:

  • Continue to expand the use of CHMeetings so that all Vestry and interested members have contact information and take advantage of some new features.
  • Continue existing e-mail and mail processes.
  • Continue to do Zoom and Facebook Live and pursue other social media presence.
  • Improve the sound quality on Zoom.
  • Rework the website.

Charlie Neumann