Building & Grounds

The building and grounds committee handles all major projects of the church. It is lead by the Junior Warden.

ASWCC Junior Warden Report for 2022 Annual Meeting 1/29/23

It has been my pleasure to serve our church in the role of Junior Warden over this past year.  While I am not the handiest member of the church, when it comes to hands on maintenance issues-I have attempted to make up for that lack of trade school talent by administrating and delegating. The year in review saw numerous physical plant improvements accomplished:

  • Raccoon Relocations
  • New Church Signage
  • Storage Shed Exterior Refurbishment
  • Replacement of Parish Hall Chairs
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Power Washing of Red Building
  • Complete Coverage of Rear Parking Lot Bank
  • Parking Lot Hole Patching
  • Courtyard Entryway Repair
  • Installation of a New Freezer
  • Parish Hall Window Cleaning
  • Installation of a New Heating 3-Phase System
  • Winter Snow Plowing & Removal
  • Spring/Summer/Autumn grass mowing and plant watering
  • Weekly Cleaning of the church interior by our Sexton (Sam the Man)

Some items on the 2023 agenda will require attention: Window/Sash Replacement for the Red Building, Red Building Porch Painting, Landscaping around our church front sign, Sacristy door lock replacement, Red Building Attic Rewiring, Red Building Chimney Removal (it is damaged and no longer fit for use), and, consideration of possible air conditioning inside the sanctuary & parish hall.

A number of outside organizations continue to make use of our church parish hall-donations are made regularly to the church as a token of those organizations’ appreciation for making this space available to them. We should be proud to be able to provide this as an Outreach service to our greater community.

Finally, I would like to extend my thanks to those church members who have provided much support to me as extremely active Building & Grounds Committee persons (you know who you are), as well as to those volunteers who have been gracious in offering their time & labor to complete the many tasks associated with the upkeep of the church’s physical plant.  I am the tiny tip of an iceberg that has been able to keep the church well maintained and functioning from a physical plant standpoint throughout the past 12 months.


                                                                            Jim Morro, Jr. Warden