There are many active ministries in the parish family at All Saints with Christ. Ministries are either regular tasks that a parishioner can participates in according to a schedule, or groups which organize activities for the parish.

  • Regular scheduled tasks are: Schedules for these tasks are found in the Calendar.
    • Altar Guild – Set up for each Sunday, maintain vestments and assorted linens.
    • Coffee Hour – Set up coffee hour after the service and supply treats (yum)
    • Eucharistic Ministry – Assist the priest in the service and sharing the Eucharist
    • Eucharistic Visitor – Deliver eucharist to those who could not attend services
    • Lay Reading – Read the lessons
    • Ushering – distribute bulletin and collect offering at the service.
    • Zooming – operate the zoom for remote parishioners
  • Organized Activity groups are:
    • Building and Grounds – coordinate all capital and special maintenance projects.
    • Communications – Signage, website and Facebook page maintenance
    • Finance – oversee the church finances.
    • Fundraising – organize fundraising activities.
    • Outreach – organize outreach activities.
    • Parish Life – organize social activities
    • Vestry – this is the main administrative group for the church
    • Worship – oversea and organize worship activities.