October 27, 2016

Dear All Saints’ Community,

I am pleased to be leading this year’s Stewardship Campaign once again. Now is the time for each of us to faithfully consider what our commitment to this church and its mission will be.

All Saints’ Church has been a positive presence here in Oakville for over 110 years now. For each of us, as members of this Christian community, it is our collective responsibility to do what we can to continue the tradition that our church prides itself on-helping to make the world around us a better place by following the teaching of our spiritual guide, Jesus Christ.

This year’s campaign will focus on those aspects of our church community-Home, Fellowship, Caring and Community Bond, that we believe makes this place very special.

We will present a series of programs designed to promote the free giving of what time, talent & treasure each of has can offer-in thanks to God for providing us all with abundant lives.

Our official kick off was on Sunday, October 9th. We will culminate the campaign on November 13th-our Harvest Sunday.

Along with this letter, you will find a Stewardship Campaign Pledge Certificate.  We ask that you all read this thoroughly and prayerfully consider what you can pledge to All Saints’ during the year 2017, and fill out the card accordingly.  These will be collected during our services on November 13th.

Thank you for your generosity and continued commitment to our church. May the peace and blessing of Jesus Christ be with you through the upcoming holiday season, and through all of next year.



Jim Morro